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Thursday, November 17, 2011
Queer People Not My People


[TW warning: anti-trans bigotry and violence]
The following is a piece I wrote for a zine, QUAC , about the topic of Queer Violence

Queer People Not My People

I expected to lose a lot transitioning from a gay identified boy to a trans woman. I’ve lost family, once-called “best friends”, and the ability to find a man on A4A for some anonymous one night stands. What I didn’t expect was the loss of queer communities as a safe space for me. I once idolized queer spaces, now I always enter them in trepidation, even the ones I’ve helped build and maintain. I write this piece still reeling at how much anger I felt last night, still picking out the tear-dried clumps of mascara from my eyes. It’s the slow realization that I am often the only trans woman in the room, and that queer people love throw around my identity as part of their little acronym, but would rather not hear from me.

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Monday, October 24, 2011
Black pregnant woman killed while protecting kids in Brownsville, BK


and apparently, there is no coverage of this and no arrest. a gunman on the top of a building starts targeting children at school and a number of people are injured and one killed. 

yet none of this is on the news?? like the link says, if this had happened in Manhattan, they woulda been coverage to no end. the racial segregation of the schools in NYC is very disturbing. and when you look at the amount of funding each borough received for education, it’s a wonder whether integration ever happened within the city limits. not to mention, if this woman had been white, they would have sent out the federal reserve. 

what surprises me is that i’m still amazed at shit like this. 

D: …and there’s not even anything on NPR. :(

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